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Axle Machine


Who We Are

Most consumers have never heard of us – but almost everyone has touched a product that we played some role in delivering.

What We Do

We design and build, manufacture and integrate, developing new ideas and leveraging new technologies to help you succeed.

Solutions for you

As a vertically integrated supplier of automated systems, custom tooling, and general machining, ATMIS creates everything from simple metal and composite parts to some of the most technologically advanced manufacturing systems in the world. We don’t just sell parts and automation: We sell customized solutions that work.

In our catalogue

ATMIS holds itself to a quality level of ISO 9001 plant-wide and offers a wide range of services including:

  • Flexible production work
  • Prototyping and mock-ups
  • Washers and leak testers
  • Precision fixtures and tooling
  • Small to large scale machining and assembly
  • Electrical panel & PLC programming
  • Lightweight composite manufacturing

The ATMIS guarantee

Done Right

On Time

On Budget

An Indigenous Owned Business

Company owner Andy Valentine traces his roots back to the Missanabie Cree First Nation, one of the first to trade with the Hudson’s Bay Company in what was then Upper Canada. ATMIS is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council, and is listed in the Government of Canada’s Indigenous Business Directory.


299 Street Avenue
New York City

T. 344-366-6868


830 Richmond St,
Chatham, ON N7M 5J5
T. 226.296.0291